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Welcome to Rutland CrossFit

We get it…CrossFit seems scary! But hear us out, you will have Coaches there every single step of the way giving you encouragement, feedback, coaching, and most importantly, the best hour of your day. All we need is your best effort. There is no “starting point” or “must be this fit” to start. Start as you are, with what you have, where you’re at. We’ll take care of the rest

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is constantly varying, functional movements done at high intensity. CrossFit methodology combines cardiovascular, gymnastic, and weightlifting with a nutritional foundation providing results that are unmatched by any other fitness program. Crossfit’s foundational movments are 100% natural universal motor recruitment patters that are SAFE and ESSENTIAL for people of all ages.

All you need is 1 hour

Busy schedule? Our total-body workout paired with the proven science of Crossfit exercises ensures that you will maximize your 60-minutes in the gym.


Ever go into the gym and not know what to do first? Our professional coaches guide you and tailor the workout to help you meet your goals.

Go at your own pace

Choose to walk, jog, run, bike or stride. Every workout produces results based on your unique abilities.


options no matter what

Recovering from an injury or orthopedic issue and need special guidance? Just tell your coach! We have options for every exercise.

Variety for everyone

We switch up the workout every day, so not only will you continue to challenge and change your body, you’ll always have  fun!!

Sweat and celebrate

We’re not all work and no play! We have events, challenges, socials, and more. You’ll reach milestones and cross finish lines with cheers from your peers.

What our customers are saying

I’ve been at Rutland CrossFit for a few years now and have loved every second of it. I have played competitive sports all my life and generally been quite active. CrossFit has helped me gain strength and a level of fitness I• never thought possible. I not only feel stronger, but also have more energy. What makes this place special are the people. Not only do I laugh daily during every workout but | have made some great friends!


I considered myself a healthy person and felt pretty good overall before starting. I was very surprised at how much better and stronger I have become with not only my physical body but also my mind. I am so grateful for all the motivated coaches that have helped me get this far in my journey and also the supportive friends to help keep me accountable!


I have been training at Rutland CrossFit for 3 years. I look forward to coming into the studio because I know that I will get a GREAT WORKOUT! I love training here and I am getting so much stronger. My first year I was so dedicated to CrossFit I lost 180 pounds.
The coaches pushed me beyond what I thought I could handle! I love the atmosphere and the people. They make it so comfortable to be in a Crossfit environment. I’ve learned so much I’ve went on to become a CF L1 coach and I will never look back at my old self.!


 Very friendly atmosphere, great coaches, and a great group of people.
I always thought I was in pretty good shape but CrossFit definitely prove to me that I was not as fit as I thought. However, it did not take much time to feel better, feel stronger (which helps with everyday activities more that you know) not to mention feeling better about myself.



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