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why RUTLAND crossfit?

Support. Empower. Serve

Those three words aren’t just words in our gym. You will have Coaches, peers, friends, and classmates all supporting you. We want you to succeed, we want you to grow inside and outside of the gym. We want you to feel empowered, like you’re capable of doing more than you thought and when you do, it leaves you feeling with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Lastly, we want to serve you all. We want you to experience a place like you’ve never experienced before and when you leave, ask yourself “Why didn’t I start earlier?

…so that everyone feels valued, connected and part of a greater cause

Whether you’ve been with us since August 2012 or you started yesterday, you will feel valued and connected. Almost instantaneously, you’ll feel like you’re apart of “us”. And soon, you’ll feel part of a greater cause. That greater cause can you be your personal journey, someone else’s journey, or a greater cause outside of the gym, non-fitness related.

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